The Design of Adventures

Nov 11, 2018 1 Comment by

When learning is an adventure, being in school will never be the same. In a previous blog, Epic Learning Journey: Immerse Your Learners In An Adventure, I focused this article on 3 concepts of designing adventures: One’s learning is like the Hero’s Journey Ownership of one’s learning Growth, Progress, and Mastery From then my thoughts […]

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Newton’s Laws of Motion and Boxing

Oct 25, 2018 No Comments by

Our STEAM:Innovation class is currently investigating what forces are and how to predict the motion of the objects.  This is one of my favorite quests because forces are everywhere.  In fact, we can feel it and experience it everyday.  The hard part is dissecting what that experience is using Newton’s 3 Law of Motion as […]

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2nd Annual Cardboard Arcade Session

Oct 08, 2018 No Comments by

Come one come all to our 2nd Annual Cardboard Arcade Carnival, this Friday. October 12th at lunch at the B/C stairwell from 12:00 – 12:25 PM. Bring your HOOPLA’s to play our cardboard arcades and potentially win some prizes. See you there. VIDEO MADE BY AMIR AND LILY COME BACK TO THIS FOR A PICTURE […]

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The Power of the Progress Bar

Oct 06, 2018 No Comments

Noticing one’s ability to grow, develop, and master a series of skill sets is empowering than a grade or a number. Grades and number can be arbitrary, subjective, meaningless, and/or irrelevant to one’s progress towards mastery of skill and content if it’s not given context. On this learning journey in engaging my students in the […]

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Mission Possible: Save Gaia

Aug 19, 2018 No Comments

How do I access our learner’s internal altruistic calling? It’s interest how humans start to adapt to the status quo so much that the status quo becomes our new reality. So much is the case for our earth as consumerism and economic growth had disconnected us from working with nature’s already existing processes.  There is […]

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Defeat Darth Boredom: The Search for an Epic Adventure

Aug 09, 2018 No Comments

Welcome Jedi Educator.  Here is a preview of the upcoming workshop that I will be facilitating this coming Monday on Digital District Day.  Hope you can join us as we explore how alternate gamified realities developed with the purpose of intrinsically motivating our youth in learning.  See you there!!! Check out the schedule by clicking […]

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The Sweet Science of Self Efficacy

Aug 09, 2018 No Comments

How might we design conditions so that our learner’s are able to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve? WHAT IS SELF EFFICACY? Self Efficacy “reflects the individuals’ beliefs in their capability  to successfully complete courses of action. (Bandura, 1977) which influences task choice, effort expenditure, and grit under aversive stimuli and failure (Bandura, […]

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Harnessing the Character Strengths Of Our Learners Who Are Gamers

Jul 30, 2018 No Comments

How might we determine the learner’s character strengths through the games they play? As I immerse myself in the world of gamification, I’m discovering a lot more about my students as they interact with their devices and their games.  I’m discovering a hidden craving that they don’t get to express in the classroom but they […]

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The Art of Evolving, Re-framing and Re-inventing

Jul 25, 2018 No Comments

It doesn’t matter if you taught for 20 years. Just don’t teach one year 20 times. Having taught for 13 years,  there were moments in my career where I felt stagnant teaching the same thing and the same way because everyone had to do it a certain way.  It drove me insane.  I hated to […]

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Reach the Heart To Teach The Whole Person

Jul 24, 2018 No Comments

Before you teach the brain, you must reach the heart to teach the whole person. As the year starts up again, one of my goals is to provide an environment of empathy.  Empathy is an important aspect in education as it allows us to know our students well- their strength, needed improvements, interests, fears, likes, […]

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