Reflection 2017-2018- Looking Thru A Lens

Jun 21, 2018 No Comments by

I can’t believe this year just flew by so fast.  For what it was, it was year full of memories and rich relationships that I won’t forget. In the process of the adapting to summer break,  I’m finally catching up to the things I’ve wanted to do.   Though summer will go by pretty fast,  I […]

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Arts and Innovation Showcase

Jun 07, 2018 No Comments by

What a great way to celebrate student work! Our Arts and Innovation Showcase was a collaboration between Ms. Pai’s Art Class, Mr. Aringo’s STEAM class, and Ms. Castro’s CASTL class.  In this exhibition, we showcased a variety of students work ranging from art work, art workshops, sustainable tiny homes, LED Fashion Show, Digital Cardboard Arcade […]

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Pearl of Wisdom

May 31, 2018 No Comments by

“Mr. Aringo, we are done with our project.  What are we doing to do next week?” It’s the end of the year and it’s time for our kids to take a meta-cognitive stance on what they learned for the whole year.  Then I thought of a structure I used back at Leadership High School when […]

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Storytime With Blender

Feb 01, 2018 3 Comments

  I’m trying something new with middle school students and I’m definitely taking a risk in pushing storytelling to it’s limits.  I’m redesigning my STEAM:Theater class to focus on the following driving question. “How might I effectively tell a story through motion graphics?” Students will be learning a professional 3D program called Blender, which is […]

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A Beginner’s Mindset

Jan 03, 2018 No Comments

Being a beginner at anything brings me back to being a student.  I miss the thought of being student in a midst of a busy life. Being in the education profession for the last 12 years, I sometimes forget what is means to be humbled, a student, and a life long learner.  I love being […]

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Courage To Resolve the Unresolved

Dec 31, 2017 No Comments

2017 has been an awesome adventure . . . filled with gifts of opportunities to grow as educators, connect with our youth, improve ourselves as a person,  learning moments and more.  For those who I interacted with this year directly and indirectly, thank you for your gifts of love, knowledge, feedback, patience, and opportunity as […]

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Storytelling and Reflection

Dec 24, 2017 No Comments

Reflection is a key learning process that helps student explain their process of understanding. We naturally reflect as learners. In our learning adventures, we have come to a variety of checkpoints along the way where we need to process and evaluate our current learning context. Without reflection, we subject ourselves to our own status quo. […]

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Defeat Darth Boredom EdTalk Reflection

Sep 09, 2017 Comments Off on Defeat Darth Boredom EdTalk Reflection

-The pressure was on for an EdTalk newbie like myself. I can’t see myself out there in front of a crowd of people.  12-30 people for a workshop is a manageable crowd but 300 educators . . .  Whoa!  The pressure was on for an EdTalk newbie like myself.   2 months before this happen, […]

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Eclipse Exploration

Aug 20, 2017 No Comments

As you may have known, we will be experiencing a partial eclipse this Monday in San Francisco.  What we probably haven’t noticed is that we are not going to experience a total eclipse from where we are at.  If you want to see it live, click on the following NASA link ( We have be […]

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Cardboard Arcades with Caine

Aug 05, 2017 Comments Off on Cardboard Arcades with Caine

THE WONDERS OF CARDBOARD Looking at the Exploratorium’s theme for the season, Welcome to the Wildcard, they re-purposed cardboard to make a variety of objects. Cardboard is a wonderful material that easily gets thrown out after opening an Amazon package. I see stacks of cardboard in the back of shopping mall garbage bins wondering, “Where […]

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