What a great way to celebrate student work!

Our Arts and Innovation Showcase was a collaboration between Ms. Pai’s Art Class, Mr. Aringo’s STEAM class, and Ms. Castro’s CASTL class.  In this exhibition, we showcased a variety of students work ranging from art work, art workshops, sustainable tiny homes, LED Fashion Show, Digital Cardboard Arcade Games attached to a Makey Makey, and 3D Animation shorts made in blender.  During this showcase, we invited volunteers from Salesforce to evaluate students on their pitch and audience engagement skills during the pitch presentation and during showcase session.



The story behind this showcase was that it intentionally suppose to be hosted at Salesforce, but because of timing and space, I decided to hold the showcase at Hoover Middle School.  This change of decision came about because I wanted families to witness the learning that has happened in our STEAM program, Visual Arts, and CASTL Program.  From an equity point of view, we also wanted an array of students outside of our performing art students to be able perform in a different way whether it may be pitching a product or teaching a student how to do something.  Below are some photos and videos of what happened during the showcase thanks to family members, staff, and Ms. Fierst.

The Showcase Intro


The Fashion Show


Sample Pitch


At the end of the day, the showcase was a huge success.  Thank you students for your courage to be in the public eye, for your hard work this year, and thank you parents for being part of your child’s education.  Thank you Salesforce volunteer to come out and evaluate student work.  We hope to see you at next year’s showcase with a new idea.

Have a wonderful summer and May the STEAM Force be with you.


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