With the California Global Education Project @ Sonoma State University

The mission statement of STEAM is to “Build Innovators Who Will Change Their World With Their Ideas.” The past 5 years of STEAM was about building the program and developing the curriculum.

It wasn’t until this past year, 2017, where I used STEAM:Gaia as a vehicle to drive the mission statement. Though course needed some developing, I saw the course’s potential and most importantly, I saw how it’s meeting the needs of our student by providing context and purpose to the concept of innovation. Instead of innovating for the sake of innovation, we innovate to meet the needs of our local and global society. When stewardship and service becomes an essential component to any course, we empower our students to stretch and flex their empathy muscles to be global citizen who think beyond themselves and citizens who realize that we are connected somehow to each other and the situations happening outside of their bubble.

This year, I will be integrating that mission to STEAM:Legends, STEAM:Coding in addition to developing STEAM:Gaia more so. In a previous blog, I stated that the STEAM courses will be weaving in the Sustainable Development Goals so that in:

  • STEAM:Legends students will be using 3D Modeling and Animation to develop a message about one or more the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)
  • STEAM:Coding, inspired by Games For Change, will be developing a game that will immerse the user in a user experience where they will be part of solving a global problem in their game.
  • STEAM:Gaia will be creating changes in our school culture and community so that we lessen food waste at our school in addition to working with Computer Science Department in developing prototypes that will solves a global issue as it relates to the SDG’s.

If it wasn’t for the partnership with Bay Area World Savvy California Global Education Project @ Sonoma State University, and CSinSF for providing guidance and structure to developing the STEAM class, this push for global awareness and innovating to change our world wouldn’t of manifested.

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