How do I design a game where I change my world?

Adventure Overview

7th and 8th GameMakers will venture into the world of game design and development. This happens by demonstrating the skills and knowledge of game design principles and theory by prototyping a physical game, analyzing an existing games, and modifying an existing game. You will also apply and practice a variety of computer programming structure by programming a variety of games so that you able to modify and make your own game where you are character changing your world.

Guidelines and Policies

The Quests

Jedi Initiation Quest
What do I need to learn so that I am successful in STEAM?

In this initiation process, our GameMakers will be learning how to learn the basics of computing by learning how use the Innovator’s Hub to communicate and collaborate with other, participate in a variety of activities, and demonstrate what you know. Innovators will also learning how to organize themselves on Google Drive so that they know where all of their digital files are.

Elements of Game Design Quest
How are games designed?

In this quest, GameMakers will be explore the formal and dramatics elements that make up a game. The game maker will be using those elements to use the design thinking process to design a card arcade game. The cardboard arcade game will be tested by the school community.

Decipher the Code Quest
How do I use algorithmic structures to design a game component?

In this quest, GameMakers will be using a game engine learning how to use a number of different algorithmic structures to design a program. GameMakers will be looking into the concepts of assigning data to variables, storing/retrieving data, using conditional statement to control the outcomes, and defining and calling functions.

The Game Maker’s Path
How do I develop a game?

Once the GameMakers are familiar with the algorithmic structures, they will be explore how to make 2 of 4 different types of games of their choice – Maze Game, Space Shooter, Platformer, Role Playing Game. After the GameMakers are familiar with the development process, they will change or add elements to the game to change the dramatic features of the game.

The Final Game Jam
How do I make my own game?

By this time, the GameMakers will have all the necessary tools needs to make their own game. In this 1 month process, GameMakers will go through a design, developments, and testing phase until their game is publishable. Their games will be pitched and presented in front of an audience.

Pearl of Wisdom
How did I grow from this experience? What pearls of wisdom should I pass on to the next group of STEAM:Coding students?

Returning from the learning journey, you will have a chance to step back and reflect on you time in this adventure. You will also have time to provide some advice for our future GameMakers next year.

Artifacts From the Journey

Eric is working with the Balboa High School Game Academy and Thurgood Marshall Game Academy in designing a social and environmental justice game.
2019 STEAM Coding Student prototyping their cardboard arcade before the Cardboard Arcade Fest.
Switch is a game made by Sean Zeng, HHMS Class of 2016. Sean has been in my STEAM:Coding class for 2 years and decided to improve his game from the prior year as his culminating project.


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