How do we prepare our students to innovate an earthquake resistant structure?  That was a dilemma and a driving question that our student delved into after debriefing for many of them their first earthquake.   In this project called the Mighty Tower, it was coincidental that I adapted this project so that the constraints of this tower is that it must be 15 inches long and it must not wiggle as it shakes on platform shaker.  Of course, it will shake on the surface and move around but does it wiggle and fall apart.  If it does, the kids have failed to develop an earthquake resistant structure and they must re-engineer it until they have.  I’ve also built a platform shaker for $8- $10 bucks and resisted buying a $50 -$100 dollar contraption.  The platform shaker was inspired by the scribble machine that I’ve learned how to build at the Exploratorium online tinkering workshop.  All you need is wood or foam platform, motor, alligator clips, box top, and tape.  Check out the video to see how you put it all together to create the shake.  Kids love it when they connect the battery to the alligator clips.  It make me want to get into creating circuits so the kids get to make their own circuit (on the side note.)  Check it out!!!!