It’s different talking about innovation when our Young Jedi Innovators haven’t really step outside the walls of our STEAM classroom to really see innovation in action. Working with CSinSF, our STEAM:Legends and STEAM:Coding class had an opportunity to venture out to San Jose to check out the Tech Museum of Innovation. The timing was just right in December after Thanksgiving when our kids are getting checked out and ready for the Winter Break. Learning still needs to happen and a field trip is great game changer. Plus a different environment might just inspire one of our young innovators.


Let’s start of with some inspiration. We started our IMAX movie of Dream Big. Below is trailer.

My favorite theme of the documentary is how under represented people – people of color and women — are fully represented in engineering in this documentary. There is more work that we need to do for this to happen as this is an equity issue in all schools. Everybody needs to be given an opportunity to solve a real problem through engineering. This movie totally brought me to tears and it got me fired up for the work.


After lunch, our students split up into 6 teams as they ventured into the museum using their iPad and the STEAM website, I saw our young innovator engaging with the exhibits, solving problems, and making connections to what they are learning in STEAM class. Check out the gallery below (More pictures are on their way . . . come back soon.)

This was my first time doing a scavenger hunt with our kids using my website as I was trying to gamify this part of the trip. There are some things I needed to fix as some kids thought the scavenger hunt was a little stressful, no internet access, or the inputs for their scavenger hunt didn’t get saved. All in all, I did see their evidence of learning even if it didn’t save.


Last of all, I want to do a big deep hearted shout-out to Ms. Diaz (Mother of Gabriella), Ms. Pusateri (Mother of Gabriella), Ms. Evans (Mother of Shelby), Mr. Andrew Rothman (Teacher on Special Assignment with CSinSF), and Ms. Pen (Mother of Cruz) for taking time off your day to chaperone 57 kids on this field trip. Thank you for being involved and making sure our kids are safe so that learning happens. Thank you Bryan Twarek and the CSinSF team for providing resources and helping coordinate this trip. Without you this trip wouldn’t of happened. Thank you for your continued and persistent work in making sure that computer science, innovation, and engineer practices are accessible to all students.

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