Even though I have a pretty good starting budget on developing the program . . . I always feel secures with a more money to make sure that that not only my class is able to experience STEAM but the whole school experiences STEAM as well through collaboration with other teachers from other departments.  I will be going through that process in other blogs.

But my goodness, grant writing is a journey on it own.  I have the vision and ideas but putting it down on paper is another thing. “Wordsmithing” the content in a way to persuade funders to fund the program is something that I need to work on.  I’ve always believed that actions will provide the evidence to get you what you need and as long as you document your actions then someone will see the fruit of your work.  In this case,  grant writing is like build a story where you have to offer proof that your action plans will work.  Technical writing is a journey that I do struggle with but it’s a struggle that I am not afraid to tackle.  I’ll get better at it with practice and exposure.

I was fortunate to take a grantwriting class at SF State where I did write a mock grant call “Fighting for Fitness: Boxing to Reach Fitness Goals”  I felt good about going through the process.  But it’s been 3 years since I took the class now I have rehash it and get good at it really fast because it is part of my job responsibility to make sure the program continues to be funded.  NO PRESSURE!!!!

A great resource that use is a book called “The Foundation Center’s: Guide to Proposal Writing”. It’s been my backbone on this journey as I write grants.  So check it out when you have the time.

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