Q and A Session
Hydra Mendoza asking the questions.

On June 30th at the Exploratorium, I am proud to let you know that Kabrea took stage to describe her experience in our STEAM class during the INNOVATE: STEM Taskforce Report Out.  At the report out, we have the task force which include the Superintendent Tom Torlakson, Linda Galliher from the Bay Area Council, Sue Ellen McCann (Executive Producer, KQED Science,), Lewis Chappelear (STEM Teacher at James Monroe High School), and couple more representative whom I didn’t catch their names.  They described their plans of California in unfolding STEM and getting all children to experience hands-on project based learning that incorporates problem solving, collaboration, innovation, and reflection.  Kabrea’s mom and dad and I were all proud for her courage and preparation.  She will be going on to better things as a learner and a leader.

Below is the the speech that Lewis Chappelear gave.  He embodies everything, I believe in how science, math, technology, and engineering  should be taught and emphasize equity and social justice.  All students should have access to STEAM and our workforce should reflect the faces of the children in our classroom.  That concept gave me goosebumps.  I want that to happen to our kids at our school.

Below is a video on Kabrea’s speech.  If I had final exam that requires student to reflect on their process of learning STEAM, she would of aced it.  Kabrea — awesome work for your preparation and courage.  Hopefully her interview will be shown on Channel 7.  When I find it, I will post it up.

Below is the Channel 7 News.  At the end of the clip is where you will see Kabrea reflecting on her process of learning in her interview.   You will see Kabrea interspersed at the beginning and more concentrated at 2:00.

Full news: http://abc7news.com/education/california-public-schools-to-incorporate-more-stem-education/149150/