How do I design a story where I transform my narrative?

Adventure Overview

Each of our 7th and grader storyteller have stories to tell, show, and animate. Our storyteller will learn how to tell stories through scenic design, lighting, sounds, motion, plot development, and character development. As a result, our storytellers will be able to create 3D motion graphics of story that they have developed.

Guidelines and Policies

Quest Overview

Jedi Initiation Quest
What do I need to learn so that I am successful in STEAM?

In this initiation process, our storytellers will be learning how to learn the basics of computing by learning how use the Innovator’s Hub to communicate and collaborate with other, participate in a variety of activities, and demonstrate what you know. Innovators will also learning how to organize themselves on Google Drive so that they know where all of their digital files are.

You Are Legendary Quest
How do I use the hero’s journey framework to help me design my story?

Story development is a process where we look at character who goes through journey from the comfortable into the uncomfortable only to come out of it transformed. Our storytellers will be able to use the hero’s journey framework, to develop a story about an experience has changed them. Storytellers will storyboard it and pitch their story so that their audience will know what it’s all about before they animate by way of stop motion to prototype their idea.

Blender Basics Quest
How do I recreate an object using blender?

Storytellers will be a learning a 3D Modeling and Animation tool, Blender, by learning how to translate, rotate, scale, materialize, and parent objects. With all these skills, our legend are able to replicate an object.

Low Poly World Quest
How do I use a various modeling tool to create a scene?

Storytellers will be exploring the editing features to further customizer three dimensional meshes. This give all storyteller power to create a low poly scene.

Foundations of Animation
How are objects animated?

In this quest, storytelling will now be learning how to use timeline and concept of keyframing the moving objects from one location to another. From moving a ball, rotating a camera, or making a character run and jump, these movements are key in telling a story.

How do I use physics features to provide realistic simulations?

Every wonder how water flows, lightning strikes, or magic dust appears. Those are all particle effects. With power of composition, you will be a character emitting those magical powers as a applies particle emitters.

How do the use of audio enhance storyelling?

You cannot have a story without sounds. We will be exploring environmental sound as well as foley customize sounds that enhances a story.

Legends to Life
How do I animated my story?

Storytellers will have all the necessary foundation needed to bring a 5 minutes short to life from story development, storyboarding, modeling, animation, to post production.

Pearls of Wisdom
How did I grow from this experience? What advice should I pass on to the next generation of storytellers?

As the STEAM:Legends Adventure comes to a close, storytellers will reflect on their journey and provide pieces of advise to the next generation of Innovator’s for the upcoming year.

Artifacts from the Journey