Planning an instructional design of a learning experience can be time consuming.

If you have the right tools, designing a learning experience can be an efficient process.  I use Padlet as a backwards planning tool to organize key ideas and skills using a mind map format.   Check out the video below to see how to use this web app.

Below is a mind map of a Project Based Learning Unit that I designed for my student for my STEAM:Gaia class using Padlet.  This mind map is very surface level at the moment as I’m bringing the concepts down from a high school chemistry level to a middle school S.T.E.A.M level.  Padlet allows me to see what knowledge base and skills my student’s need in order to reach the terminal objectives of the project.  Hope you can integrate Padlet into your practice as way of collaborating and organizing your instructional ideas. Happy Teaching!!!

Made with Padlet
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