“Mr. Aringo, we are done with our project.  What are we doing to do next week?”

It’s the end of the year and it’s time for our kids to take a meta-cognitive stance on what they learned for the whole year.  Then I thought of a structure I used back at Leadership High School when I taught advisory called the Pearl of Wisdom.  The Pearl of Wisdom is an instructional strategy that allows students to be the teachers as they will be passing down wisdom to the next cohort of STEAM students.  This protocol allows student not only to reflect but to give advice and prime next year’s students on what to expect for the journey ahead.

I connected this structure back to Hero’s Journey as the Hero’s Journey is a theme that transcends all of my STEAM class.  Our students are currently at the final stage, The Return.  Throughout our student’s learning journey not only did they cross to the uncomfortable, they were challenged. With that challenge they developed strategies to surpass the challenge.  Students return to the comfortable only different, changed, transformed, and now wiser.  They have developed wisdom that they can now pass to next generation of STEAM students.

In this structure, I asked my students to create an Adobe Spark slideshow.  I required them to respond to the follow prompts.

SLIDE 1: Title – Pearls of Wisdom

SLIDE 2-4 : 3 Things that you learned how do to in STEAM this year.

SLIDE 5-6: 2 Learning moments that you were proud of.

SLIDE 7-8: 2 Learning moments that you were challenged with.

SLIDE 9: A Goal that you might want to work on for the upcoming year.

SLIDE 10 – 12: 3 pieces of advice for the upcoming STEAM students

Their Pearl of Wisdom must have their voice to personalize it and the graphics must match the content that they typed up.  An example of a Pearl of Wisdom look like the following.  Next year’s students will be looking and hear the wisdom of this year’s students.

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