This post is a review of a 3 year milestone in STEAM class.   I remembered entering into the class thinking how will this class run and how will this class look like.  The repurposing of the STEAM came from an idea from a teacher from Roosevelt MS as he re-purposed his room.  I wanted to repurpose Room B14 so that certain processes flowed from one part of the room to the next.  We had consultants come into the class, interviewed my students and I, checked out how I ran class, and so forth.  This process was their discovery phase.  They needed information about how will this space look like for the kids, for the instructors, and for the processes happening the STEAM class.  We also involved thes students in the design process so that they take ownership for the space.  We involved students in taking down cabinet cover and dedicated a weekend to painting and carpentry.  Kids came, parents came, and we stayed a full 7-8 hours on Saturday and Sunday trying to finish it up before Monday.  Oh my goodness,  and I still had to teach Monday. I was feeling drained but the renovation was worth it because it has definitely transformed my instruction as well as the class culture and flow.