If you missed the STEAM Game Expo, then you can participate in it virtually. You can play our STEAM student’s games on this post.  Enjoy, rate the games, provide comment, and immerse yourself into our student’s world and imagination.

Survivor-Sarah and Vicky

Anna T and Quinn- Natalie’s Odyssey

Newlyn- No Pain No Gain

Alex and Alan-Bob Rising

Ray and Allister-Wannabe Hero

Brandon and Issac-Puzzler Game

Lincoln and Jeffrey-Sheep’s Revenge

Gavin and Joshua- Take the Pizza

Jeffrey and Hansel- Stu and His Crew

Emily and Cassady- Blocked

Ben and Kin – The Rescue of the Maid

Wilson and William – Gens Adventure

Ben and Darren- Zink’s Adventure

Henry and Anthony- Escape the Ship

Bryan and Michael- Stay Alive

Wendy and Winton- Frozen

Minyi, Rong, and Liman- Fast

Johnny and Jacky- Chaos

Boki and Dovran- Level Impossible

Tyler and Kabrea- Tela

Jason and Hanwen- Coin Saver

Marsha and Vickie- Attack of Ren

Waylon and William- The Circular Maze

Leo and Gavin- Flappy Bird

Crystal and Jonathan-Survival Unknown

Khary and Christian- The Hardest Game Ever

Tennessee and Korvin- Scorpion Down

Evelyn and Kenia- Get the Points

Joseph-Pheonix Knight

Aldo and Phillip- Dreams and Nightmares

Jenny and Siqin-Easy Game

Ruben, Omar, and Gilberto – Telo

Emily and Sheldon-Samson

Salvador- Mega Battle

Kevin and Erik-Mad Man’s Dream

Sean, Jacky, Ryan- Prison Escape

Ivan and Mefi-Revenge

Sammy and Joshua- Sammy’s Special

Mohni and Christy- Maze of the Bully

Bono and Kevin-Goal

Alex and Davy-Destroy and Spawn Factory

Luis and Jaylen- Possible or Impossible?

Emoni and Luis-Use Your Time Wisely

Jonathan and Michael- Survivors Among Us

Gonzalo and Henry- Go

Nick and Luis- Skyfall

Jurassic Park

Edmond and Diana – Let’s Take a Trip