File_000Just want to congratulate the STEAM:Coding class in pitching their games to Salesforce on May 13th.  Prior to leaving the classroom, there was a lot of nervous energy and last minute work. Upon entering the facilities, students signed up for their entry badge and we took the elevator to the 3rd floor where we have students set-up their games on the laptops and got ready for their game pitches.  Below is the playlist video of the game ads that students showed to Salesforce employees.

If you have a Windows PC and you want to try out their games, you can download their games from my Google Drive here.  They are really cool and they worked really hard on them.    Some might include instruction and some might not. Below is the link to my Google Drive with their games in it.

Game Folder – Google Drive

If you see games that end in .Kodu2, you will have to download KODU Game Lab.