“I’m suggesting that when delivering first instruction, especially to struggling learners, you need to leave the comfort of the lounge chair or lifeguard tower and jump into the water with your students.”

-Dave Burgess


Response:   The STEAM class is a class full of diverse learners from the struggling learners to the high achieving learner.  I have a little population of “middle” achieving learner.  I particularly have one class where I need to be making sure every single understands the material or else they wouldn’t know what to do.  Just like swimming . . .  In order to swim,  the guide must be in the water showing you how to swim and giving you feedback on your technique.  Is it efficient . . . NO!  Is there a better way . . . MAYBE!  I need to show how to do the behavior in class, pair them up in partners so partners help each other out, and if both partners aren’t able to figure it out, I need to help them out.  I’m always present and active and my student need to see that I’m never sitting behind my teacher table in my class. This type of attentiveness shows that you care for your student’s learning and you care that they are reaching for a goal and expectation that you have set for them.

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