Dear Friends and Family,

I finally have some reflective time to process all the things that has happened in this last past week and in the last couple months. My heart is full of appreciations after the the CUE Event on March 15-16, 2019. Though it was my first time at such an event, I’m blessed to be with like minded educators who want to make changes in our learner’s lives and who want to make significant changes to education. I’m blessed to be part of something bigger than me, my classroom, and the district. Thank you CUESF and CUE for believing in the work that I do as a teacher leader and as an educator.

I want to put out a well thought out appreciation for those of you who supported me on my journey. I couldn’t name all of you during the event because I had only 1 minutes to say my thank yous so my apologies for that.

Brother Ron Muriera and Greg Peters- Ron, I’m remembering the day AACE Upward Bound came into the Cahill Lab with Bernardo. Right away, I wanted to work with you. Thank you for having me be part of you team at AACE Upward Bound and starting my journey as an educator and advocate. Greg, I’m totally remembering the day you hired me. You saw my tears of happiness and you heard me say , “I’m going to call my mom and dad.”
Thank you for giving me my first big break.

Kate Maselli, Beth Silbergeld, Tony Johnston, and Mark Segado – Thank you being coaches who were honest and critical of my practice and craft. You know my first 5 years were my challenging years and growth moments and yet they were necessary times and valuable lessons. For all the coaching that you did to form the educator that I am, thank you. Because of you, I grew and you helped me frame my view of what great teaching and equitable practices looks like.

Rita Yee and Dr. Ingrid Padilla, thank you for involving me in the many educational adventures that our Cahill Family participated in. I enjoyed the family that you all created and now the family that we have become. I bring the feeling of family and community in my classroom because you modeled that for me.

Brother Danny Chau and Dr. Eurania Lopez- Without you, the Defeat Darth Boredom idea wouldn’t have manifested. Thank you for putting me out there at the Better Together Summit at SF State Event. You know if you need help with any future events, let me know.

Carline Sinkler and Liz Fierst- It was an incredible and a humbling journey in our roles together. Carline, thank you for pushing me to be the divergent thinker, teacher entrepreneur that I am, and embracing that. Liz, thank you for not only embracing these ideas but also helping me organizing them so they play out at Hoover in the most effective way.

The Exploratorium Teacher Institute and Leadership Institute
(Eric, Zeke, Paul, Lori, Tammy, and Julie) and #CSinSF (Bryan, Andrew, Bill, Irene, and Michelle)- You are all passionate rockstar educational leaders. Thank you for grounding me in engaging pedagogy and engaging/challenging me as a learner, student, and leader.

For my middle school teachers – THE ALL STAR TEAM of Ben Franklin Intermediate- Ms. Schandler, Ms. Ferenz, Ms. Oliver, and Ms. Stewart. You changed me life. You made learning an adventure, a reflective journey, and a very happy and memorable moment. After graduating Ben Franklin, learning and school has never been the same. Now as a teacher, I’m finally seeing what you are seeing and experiencing what you are experiencing. I want to make sure that my learners are experiencing the same exact feeling when I was with you all in our interdisciplinary team which is a sense of purpose and fulfillment, happiness, and community. Your influence finally came full circle.

Mom and Dad, you are my first teachers. Thank you for teaching me value of family, hard work, and following your heart. I’m always learning from you. Thank you for modeling what it means to be whole.

Again, thank you all for contributing to this recognition.


Jacob Aringo

Below are some of the videos I snatched on Facebook from CUESF and CUE so that you are part of this celebration.

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5 years ago

Dear friend, teacher and student,
Doing it right ( whatever opens up the thrill of learning) is hard work and a team effort. Watching you grow, absorb and share is our reward. As I have told you many times, whether you were in our classrooms or I was in yours, “I love what you are doing and am so proud of you.”