The gift of innovation is for all students and not just for the student who have or born with having. It is inequitable and unjust to not give the gift of innovation because they didn’t meet a school requirement, a GPA constraint, or because a teacher didn’t recommend them.  It is inequitable and highly unjust not to give the gift of innovation because of the color of my skin, because of the baggage I bring, or because I can’t afford.  The gift of curiousity and innovation is for all. Our under represented students, our student who have little, our students with special learning needs, our students of colors, our student who bring baggage, our students are just as capable and competitive enough to design solutions to change their world and how their world works.

As a STEAM teacher, I deeply believe in the capabilities of our students no matter their background.  I will nurture, empower, and mentor our student until they are equipped with the skills and tools needed to change our world.  I am furious at the fact that there are schools out there that aren’t giving students a chance to innovate because they didn’t meet a requirement or because taking such series of classes requires lots of money that a lot of our kids and families can’t afford.  I will make sure that my students don’t have to pay a cent for knowledge and skills they need to innovate.  I will make sure our student surpass the expectations that our entitled and privileged educational institutions might have.  Our kids and family don’t need to pay a cent for an education they deserve.