Planet Gaia is in it’s final phase before the planet is deemed uninhabitable by life.  The temperatures are rising, disease spreads, biodiversity shrinks, storms floods pockets of civilization, droughts leave area of Gaia parched, and Gaia trembles in anguish, anger, and pain.  The planet’s pre-apocalyptic form is due to the citizen’s unsustainable choices. Now all Gaia’s citizen’s can do is hide from the artificial man made effects of their choices as Gaia attempts to re-balance and heal itself.  Unfortunately attaining this equilibrium will take hundreds of years, like a deep wound takes a significant amount of time to heal.  Gaia’s citizens don’t have that time to spare. Is there the slightest ray of hope as time is of essences?  A group of Gaia’s youth seizes the opportunity, a calling, to re-balance Gaia.  It won’t be an easy task as the citizen’s unsustainable lives have manifested the 8 THREATS which feeds and festers off of Gaia’s essence.  Gaia’s youth, who now call themselves “The Guardians of Gaia”, gather together on an epic adventure as they journey to forbidden terrains to eradicate the THREATS and liberate Gaia’s essence. By liberating the essences, the Guardians of Gaia can transform these THREATS into sustainable opportunities finally restore Gaia back to a form that will support life and transform the mindset of Gaia’s citizens to live sustain-ably so that  Gaia will never see the THREAT manifested in its lifetime again.